125 BPM

125 BPM is a balance of time turned around, a ramshackle metronome. Set somewhere between the cosmic forces of orbiting bodies and a precarious relationship between two humans, this performance takes the artists to turn, breathe, fall, get up, find each other and seek a new balance, together.

Jean-Baptiste and Robin are in search of time, that primary force which pushes their discipline, the Cyr wheel, towards a harmonious balance of moving shapes. As the movement of the planets enforces our experience of time, the movement of the Cyr wheel enforces the time of 125 BPM.

Duration: 55min, all ages.

Awarded best circus performance – Prix Maeterlinck de la critique – 2020

Jean-Baptiste André & Robin Leo

Geert Belpaeme

Tomas Vanderplaetse

Ezra Veldhuis

Liam Van Tornhout

Lisbeth Gruwez, Bram Dobbelaere & Guillaume Martinet

Co-productions & residencies:
Theater op de Markt / Espace Catastrophe,
Centre International de Création des Arts du Cirque / Perplx

Residencies :
Miramiro, Circuscentrum, CCBW – Centre culturel du Brabant
wallon, Station Circus, Cirko Vertigo, Quattrox4, Cirkus in Beweging.

With the support of :
Flanders – State of the Art